Commitment to Excellent Product Design

Design and Research & Development

We have a strong design team comprised of learned, experienced engineering staff, who provide customers with quality laboratory design, product design and construction, allowing users to work in a more convenient and comfortable environment. We believe that our best effort will lead to customers’ long-term satisfaction. We strive to do it right the first time, and provide customers with the best products and services. As customers will use our products in this working environment on a long term basis, we put in our best effort in assisting them in designing the laboratory. Our effort is evident in both the environment and products, and we strive to give the users a comfortable, convenient and safe working environment.

In response to changing times, laboratory environments have become more complex. Hence, in terms of laboratory equipment, we move with the times. The purpose of product R&D is to provide customers with better and more convenient products, so as to meet application and safety requirements. We make improvements on each generation’s products, and uphold the same philosophy whether based on customer feedback or products researched and improved by the engineers. To ensure the safety of users during operation, we continuously research and improve the relevant products, and work towards a 3S concept, which is to make the product Safe and Simple, while Saving energy. We collaborate with academia in developing new generation products, making the product design more theoretically sound and closer to perfection. We also entrust academia and 3rd party impartial institutions to carry out tests, so as to ensure product reliability.

  Our air-curtain fume hoods comply with the safety performance tests.   • In the static test of European Standard EN-14175-3:2003, the SGS leakage test shows the N.D (not detected) result (minimum limit of 4 ppb).   • In the US Standard ASHRAE 110-1995, with a required value of 0.05 ppm (AM), the SGS leakage test shows the N.D. (not detected) result (minimum limit 4 ppb).   • Comply with Excellent Classification defined by European Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).   Moreover, we have had outstanding performance in terms of energy conservation, and take pride in playing a part in environmental protection.  

Spirit of Research and Development: We actively conduct various testing of the products we develop. Product perfection can only be achieved through tests and continuous improvements.

1. Inclined air-curtain (IAC) fume hood test

2. IAC central fume hood test according to the EN14175-3:2003 test


3. Workstation test according to the EN14175-3:2003 and ANSI 110-1995 static test


4. Air-curtain biological safety cabinet adopts the US Standard: NSF 49 Bacillus subtilis test (tested by the Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Labor)