It’s mainly used for treating acidic and alkaline waste gases soluble in water. It is based on the principle of gas being absorbed by the water when the gas comes into contact with liquid. There are two models: vertical (counter-flow) or horizontal (cross-flow) models.

The structure has the following components:
(1) Scrubber body: PP/FRP/stainless steel
(2) Fan: PP/ss400/stainless steel; noise generated is less than 85 dB
(3) Packing layer: The interior is packed with Raschig rings to increase the contact area of water vapor, thus enhancing absorption efficiency
(4) Defogging layer: to remove water vapor
(5) Nozzle: PP/ stainless steel /copper
(6) Maintenance window: for cleaning and replacing Raschig rings
(7) Water tank: Water tank cover / water level gauge /filter
(8) Pump: Circulating pump / reagent feeder / drainage pump
(9) Reagent bucket: Liquid acid or base
(10) Inspection platform / inspection hole (8D/2D)/ differential pressure gauge / pressure gauge / pipe valve /hood / frequency converter /PH indicator